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So What Kind Of Music Are You Going To Play?

It's one of the most frequent questions I get, yet I always have difficulty answering. That's because I play a lot of different styles, depending on where I am, and who I'm playing for.  

If you see me at a wedding, I'm likely to be singing love songs.  In a bar on a Friday night I might be playing some low down Delta blues.  Sunday brunch is more likely to find me playing some laid back pop favorites.  When I play for an older crowd, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong often pop into the set list.  "The Steve West Trio" can be heard playing jazz and swing tunes.  I've also got a group of musician friends with whom I occastionally play under the name "The Ooo Ah Band" that plays a variety of classic tunes in a fun and loose way.

If you ask me what kind of music I'm going to play,  my best answer is, "hopefully your favorite kind."

Below are some examples of different styles that I sing and play.

"That's All"  

Recorded by the likes of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and even Rod Stewart.   I've sung this one at a number of weddings, and it's always a hit.

"Flip Flop and Fly"

Recorded by my band, The Tabletop Three,  featuring Curtis Waterman on harmonica and Ross Bracco on bass.

"Into The Mystic"

A cover of the classic Van Morrison hit.

"Simple Little Song"

An original tune that just feels good.

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